The power of partnership comes to life


My name is Michael and I am a participant at Baker Industries. I started working at Baker in October of 2019, a few days after being released from prison. Let me tell you, getting this job made me feel like I won the lottery. My confidence skyrocketed to know there are places for people like me who need a second chance. When COVID-19 hit, I didn’t know what would happen to me or to my job. It was scary. Thanks to extraordinary people like you, who understood and were sympathetic to our plight, Baker was able to carry us over with financial assistance as well as regular phone calls to check in and offer support. I can’t say it enough – everyone at Baker is authentic and work to help people like me get to a better place. Knowing that the supporters of Baker care about me too makes me feel very grateful.

Your generosity shows me that your hearts are in the right place.

Update: August 2020

Michael successfully completed Baker’s innovative Job Readiness Program and began a new, good paying job with a ceramic maker in Kensington, PA.  According to his new  employer, he is a “model employee.”


Thank you,