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Stories and Articles about Baker Industries

40 years of great Donor Support at Baker Industries.

Engaging with our generous donors is a core part of our mission. Whether hosting fundraising events, welcoming volunteers, thanking contributors or managing our funds responsibly, Baker Industries is committed to building trust and appreciation with our supporters. Katherine Kelly – Donor Relations Coordinator, Turk Thacher – Vice Chair of our Board and John Witty –…

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40 years of great Leadership! Spotlight on Charles and Weezie Baker

Entering our 5th decade (and their 10th!), founders Charlie & Weezie Baker come in regularly to volunteer and attend board meetings, fundraisers and special events. Says Weezie, “When we started Baker, we weren’t sure it would be going strong 40 years later, but we hoped it would! There is still such need.” Observes Charlie, “So…

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40 years of great leadership at Baker: Spotlight on Lisette and Kim

[bws_pdfprint display=”pdf,print”] Nothing happens at Baker Industries until our doors open each day. Kim Starkweather in Malvern (photo-left) and Lisette Morales in Kensington (photo-right) are the trusted staff members who open our locations every working day, warmly welcoming participants and providing the core job experience and support that make our program unique. Lisette, our Senior…

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