40 years of great leadership at Baker: Spotlight on Lisette and Kim

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Nothing happens at Baker Industries until our doors open each day. Kim Starkweather in Malvern (photo-left) and Lisette Morales in Kensington (photo-right) are the trusted staff members who open our locations every working day, warmly welcoming participants and providing the core job experience and support that make our program unique.

Lisette, our Senior Production Manager, based in Kensington, is in her 5th year at Baker. “I love helping our participants make a positive change in their lives,” she says. “Their resilience and ability to overcome obstacles is really inspiring.” Kim, our Production Manager in Malvern, is celebrating her 21st year at Baker. What keeps her here? “It’s the people,” notes Kim, referencing our participants. “I admire their willingness to try anything and persevere through so many challenges.”

Kim and Lisette create a demanding work environment that encourages hard work, reliability, focus and teamwork – all essential qualities of successful employees. They complement this with deep caring for each individual, providing encouragement and understanding.

Kim and Lisette are the pulse of Baker Industries, delivering a positive participant experience that encourages growth and confidence. It all starts with the doors opening!