Celebrating 40 years of Good Works: Spotlight on Dawn Kuhn




Dawn Kuhn, President of Advocates Outreach in Exton, has a lot of knowledge about the employment options available to adults with disabilities, having provided job support services to them for over seven years.

As a job coach, Dawn helps people with disabilities learn and perform their work duties. In addition to working on skills related to performing specific job tasks, a job coach assesses the worker’s strengths and needs and also helps to develop the interpersonal skills necessary for success in the workplace. Dawn has been Sonny’s job coach for 2 ½ years. She finds Baker to be understanding, kind and accepting of each participant’s own pace while giving them the opportunity to grow and prove themselves.

“They don’t pigeon-hole participants. They allow for learning and are all-inclusive”, Dawn says about Baker.

Dawn appreciates Baker for the strong working relationship she has with staff and how it benefits those in the workforce development program: “Everyone listens to each other. There are no closed doors. Everyone is on the same page and wants the same thing.” Dawn is right. For 40 years, Baker Industries has had the same goal: to offer hope and opportunity to hard to employ adults in our region.