Baker Industries and our Donors were focused on providing a safe work place during Covid

Baker Industries’ Pandemic Relief Efforts

For the working poor, the early days of the pandemic were terrifying as our facilities were shuttered indefinitely and weekly wages were not guaranteed. Thanks to the generous and timely donations of the following donors, we were able to provide for our workers, financially and emotionally, through weekly pay, pharmacy gift cards, phone and email check-ins, and more.

Thank you to the following contributors:

Mr. & Mrs. Francis H. Abbott

Mr. Chandler Hoopes

Mrs. Robert N. Parsons

Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Armstrong

Mr. and Mrs. John G. Hoopes

Mr. and Mrs. Leo Pierce, Jr.

Mr. & Mrs. David E. Beavers

Mr. Peter J. Houghton

Ms. Gretchen Putonen

Mr. Frank Belcher

Mr. & Mrs. William S. Hyland

Mr. & Mrs. David Rabin

Mr. & Mrs. Gary A. Brooks

Mr. Steve Larkin

Ms. Krista Reichard

BSJ Foundation

Mr. & Mrs. Mark Ledger

Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Rodgers

Mr. & Mrs. James E. Cruickshank

Ms. Roberta Leitner

Ms. Anne Saris Stevenson

Mr. Jeff Davis

Ms. Heather Lenker

Mr. Paul J. Savidge & Mr. Dan Macey

Mr. & Mrs. John Davis

Ms. Lisa Lenker

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Sobyak

Mr. & Mrs. Glenn A. Dever

Mr. Michael Mara

Ms. Kathleen Spicciati

Ms. Carlee DiSarcina

Mr. Anthony Martinez Briggs

Mr. & Mrs. John Stefanski

Ms. Middy Dorrance

Mr. and Mrs. William A. McKenna

Mr.and Mrs. William Stockwell

Mr. & Mrs. Chris Ebmeyer

Ms. Alison McMurry

Mr. Eric Stothart

Fast Fold Goals

Ms. Karen McNeill

Ms. Margaret Gallagher Thompson

Fulton Bank

Mr. Christopher F. Metz

Mr. Paul Tramo

Mr. & Mrs. Brookins D. Gardner

Mr. Dan Miller

Mr. & Mrs. Peter R. Unger

Mr. & Mrs. Kirk E. Gormam

Mr. & Mrs. Randall Montgomery

Ms. Maggie Walsh

Ms. Maureen Greene

Dr. & Mrs. William Mowbray

Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Walters

Mr. Michael Guyer

Mr. & Mrs. Geoffrey P. Mynott

Mr. Roland Wedgwood

Mrs. Robert P. Hauptfuhrer

Ms. Ajima Olaghere

Mr. & Mrs. Steven R. Zodtner

Mr. & Mrs. Djoerd Hoekstra

Ms. Jennifer Paradiso

Ms. Angela Zurlo