Baker celebrating 40 years of Good Works: Spotlight on our partner, ProFresh


In 2019, ProFresh was seeking a partner to assist with packaging, kitting, and quality control.

Introduced to Baker Industries through a colleague, Director of Operations Kelly McCusker, who started her career in non-profit work, quickly recognized an opportunity. “Working with the Baker Malvern team has been an absolute pleasure. I am consistently impressed by the timeliness, flexibility, and attention to detail of the work produced by their participants, many of whom have special needs. This was especially important to us during the pandemic”, says Kelly.

Our relationship with ProFresh is typical of the partnerships we form with customers, who rely on our performance and appreciate our mission. Kelly states, “Our relationship with Baker is satisfying personally and professionally. We’re grateful for the work they do for us, and for Philly.

ProFresh is a Philadelphia success story. A leading non-alcoholic oral rinse product developed by Dr. Jon L. Richter, an esteemed University of Pennsylvania dentist and clinical researcher, its popularity has grown through on-line sales to a global audience.