40 years of neighbors helping neighbors at Baker Industries! Spotlight on Rev. Adan Mairena

Rev. Adan Mairena is the pastor of West Kensington Ministry and a Baker Industries Board member. We’re neighbors in north Philadelphia and share a commitment to serving the Kensington community.

Adan was introduced to Baker through a fellow board member. He immediately recognized the synergy of working together. Having referred individuals from WKM to our program, Adan noticed “a tangible change in their self-confidence and sense of purpose.”

“Baker Industries recognizes people as they are, and helps them establish a new identity,” observes Adan. “Participants develop real relationships with their colleagues and Baker staff.”

WKM and Baker Industries are exploring more ways to work together to strengthen our community. Establishing a food services program leveraging Baker talent and WKM facilities is a potential collaboration in 2022. Neighbors helping neighbors.


West Kensington Ministry is a vital hub for community meetings, social services, education, music, theater and worship.