40 years of great partners: Spotlight on Stockwell Elastomerics


Bill Stockwell is Chairman of Stockwell Elastomerics, a 102-year-old Philadelphia-based manufacturer of custom components for manufacturing and technology companies. Bill and his team partner with Baker Industries as a customer, donor, and employer.

On Hiring
“In the past, we made attempts to hire returning citizens without using an organization such as Baker. Many attempts resulted in disappointment and failure. We made our first hire of a graduate from Baker’s intensive work and life skills training program in November 2018. She continues to be a solid contributor, mixes well with our staff, and is now cross-training to operate an additional complex die-cutting machine. Her good work is essential!”

On Impact
“Baker’s life skills and work training program increases the chance of success for participants coming off the sidelines and making a go of it in the private work sector. Baker’s graduates have helped our business in a tough labor market. Additionally – our company culture has been broadened and enhanced – so I think the impact may be more extensive than we originally anticipated.”

On Inspiration
“I am inspired that Baker made it through the worst of the COVID period. The pandemic has been tough on all of us. I realize Baker and our Philly manufacturers have been affected in many ways. My hope is that we find ways to rebuild staffing, recover and resume serving our customers together.”

On Hope
“I have to start with rebuilding lives. It is encouraging to see how Baker works closely with their participants to build their skills to enable them to be contributing members of a team.
When the chips are down – there is great power in hope. Baker provides hope for those coming off the sidelines and reentering the workforce. That sense of hope can be contagious.”