40 years of Good Works at Baker: Ethan’s story

Ethan’s Story

Ethan has been working at Baker Industries since 2003 due to disability. A tall and affable guy, Ethan has a variety of talents, one of which is playing the harmonica. A big part of Baker’s mission is providing opportunity and a sense of purpose for adults like Ethan, who is currently working on COVID-19 test kits for a local diagnostic supplier. Ethan feels good about doing his part to help with the pandemic, and says, “I am glad to be able to work here. I can earn money to pay the bills. It’s good to have something to do. I probably would not be able to work anywhere else. “Providing connection is also our mission at Baker, and is more important than ever in combating the feelings of isolation many of us are experiencing during the pandemic. Coming to Baker helps. As Ethan tells us, “I like the people. Everybody here is nice and friendly. Everyone gets along really well.”Adults like Ethan find opportunity and connection every day at Baker Industries. Just one way Baker Industries changes lives!