40 years of changing lives at Baker: Spotlight on Charles

Charles knows the importance of family. After moving out of a York, PA recovery house in December of 2019, Charles spent time living with his sister in Chester county while seeking an apartment and a job. Having struggled with recovery and health issues for many years, Charles had no recent work history or regular address. His search was made significantly more difficult by the COVID-19 pandemic, which shuttered countless businesses.

It was during this period that Charles heard about Baker Industries for the first time. Baker managed to remain open through most of 2020, continuing to serve vulnerable populations so hard hit by the economic and health crisis. “I appreciate Baker giving me a chance,” notes Charles. With a paid work opportunity secured at our Malvern location, Charles was able to identify an affordable apartment within walking distance. He’s now successfully living in his own place and doing a great job for our production team.

When asked to reflect on his time at Baker, Charles shared, “I like the work. It feels good to do something productive, especially during COVID. And I appreciate Kim [our floor manager]. This is the first job I’ve had where the bosses are willing to do anything, working right alongside us. I appreciate that.” Charles speaks for himself and so many of our participants when he observes, “Baker is like family.”