40 years of changing lives and we’re still inspired: Juanita’s Story


After making six figures working for a Fortune 500 company, earning 17 cents per hour while incarcerated was humbling for Juanita. But she was taught that all work is honorable work, and Juanita held on to that belief, regardless of the wage.

Motivated to get the most out of her Baker experience, Juanita quickly showed her commitment to a fresh start. She started on the production floor, but Juanita’s administrative skills, honed in previous employment, were eventually put to good use at Baker in scheduling, shipping, and receiving. According to Juanita, “Baker is a place for people returning from prison to get their bearings and take things step by step.” Over time, Juanita’s honest fear, “that I would never make it back” began to recede. She says, “Baker provides support and encouragement I would not have gotten anywhere else.”

Soon Juanita will begin a new opportunity in healthcare operations. The position pays a good salary and leverages her skills. Juanita is well on her way to “making it back”.