40 inspiring Baker stories to celebrate 40 years of service!

40 for 40

As our non-profit workforce development program begins our 41st year serving the Philadelphia region, we would like to honor our past by sharing inspiring stories from the many individuals and organizations we partner with to achieve our mission. This includes our program participants, donors, customers, employers, community partners, volunteers and staff members that work side by side, every day to help our region’s most vulnerable adults successfully reenter the workforce. Together, our impact creates a ripple effect that extends to friends, families, and communities. We will share some of their stories as well.

Beginning the week of January 25, we will feature a new story every week on our website, Facebook, and LinkedIn pages. We hope you find our featured people and partners as interesting and wonderful as we do.  They make us very optimistic about our next 40 years!

Rich Bevan, President