40 years of supporting returning citizens at Baker. Spotlight on Barvelle

Barvelle was coming home after a long period of incarceration. Always possessed of a “work drive,” he was looking for a place where he could rebuild skills and habits that had been dulled by years in prison. He found that place at Baker Industries.

At our light industrial facility in Kensington, Barvelle has been able to utilize construction and equipment skills he learned growing up. Currently, he operates our fork lift and leads our most complex assembly job building industrial grade umbrellas for outdoor workers. “Baker has given me the opportunity to focus and grow,” says Barvelle. “I better understand who I am.”

Piece by piece, Barvelle has been assembling a new life back home in Philadelphia. Finding an apartment, taking on more responsibility at work and reconnecting with family makes him happy. “This has been a promising stepping stone for me,” he notes. “Baker Industries is unique.”