40 years of great partnerships at Baker: Spotlight on CTDI

How long have you been involved with Baker Industries?
CTDI has been involved with Baker Industries since 2010. Baker Industries performs box assembly work for CTDI supporting our Set-Top Box, Mobile Consumer Electronics, and Network Services Divisions. This work is critical to our distribution business and allows CTDI to provide material to our customers in a timely fashion. Most recently during the challenging times of the pandemic, Baker provided these critical services and allowed us to manage our workforce knowing that the team at Baker would perform their work offsite safely and on time.

How did you learn about Baker? Do you have a personal connection to our mission?
CTDI strives to be a good corporate citizen in the local communities in which we operate and is always evaluating local organizations to partner with to support our business. CTDI was first introduced to Baker Industries by a packaging company. We were looking to partner with an organization like Baker to help outsource box assembly work and Baker was able to fill that need. Since 2010, the relationship has developed into a truly synergistic partnership and CTDI has turned to Baker to help with outsourced work to support many of our programs in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

How do you think Baker makes a difference in the lives of the people it serves?
Baker Industries provides meaningful work for their participants and offers them structure and consistency. This enables their participants to develop self-esteem, confidence, and pride in the work that they perform knowing that they are positively contributing to their business partners. Baker also makes meaningful connections between businesses that want to support their mission while offering a reliable workforce to help achieve their goals.

What inspires you about Baker Industries?
CTDI was drawn to the fact that Baker is dedicated to providing work to populations that are underserved and they are facilitating meaningful employment opportunities. Baker Industries provides reliable, consistent, and outstanding service to their customers while offering opportunity for their participants – it is a win-win relationship!