Month: January 2022

40 years of great leadership at Baker: Spotlight on Lisette and Kim

[bws_pdfprint display=”pdf,print”] Nothing happens at Baker Industries until our doors open each day. Kim Starkweather in Malvern (photo-left) and Lisette Morales in Kensington (photo-right) are the trusted staff members who open our locations every working day, warmly welcoming participants and providing the core job experience and support that make our program unique. Lisette, our Senior…

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Celebrating 40 years of great partners at Baker: Spotlight on Keith Baldwin and Spikes Trophies

  Keith Baldwin is an owner of Spike’s Trophies, the premier award and recognition business in Philadelphia, and a great friend of Baker Industries. Keith believes in second chances and untapped potential. He hires Baker participants and provides us with work assignments. Keith is also a published author! He recently brought us a copy of…

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