Month: June 2021

Baker Industries and our Donors were focused on providing a safe work place during Covid

Baker Industries’ Pandemic Relief Efforts For the working poor, the early days of the pandemic were terrifying as our facilities were shuttered indefinitely and weekly wages were not guaranteed. Thanks to the generous and timely donations of the following donors, we were able to provide for our workers, financially and emotionally, through weekly pay, pharmacy…

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40 years of great partners: Spotlight on Stockwell Elastomerics

  Bill Stockwell is Chairman of Stockwell Elastomerics, a 102-year-old Philadelphia-based manufacturer of custom components for manufacturing and technology companies. Bill and his team partner with Baker Industries as a customer, donor, and employer. On Hiring “In the past, we made attempts to hire returning citizens without using an organization such as Baker. Many attempts…

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40 years of working with the Arts at Baker: Spotlight on the Wilma Theater

  Lee Ann Etzold Portable Studio Program Director, Wilma Theater How long have you been involved with Baker Industries? We are entering our fourth year in partnership creating performance with Baker Industries! How did you learn about Baker? I first heard about Baker Industries when I learned they were interested in coordinating a group trip…

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