Year: 2021

40 years of neighbors helping neighbors at Baker Industries! Spotlight on Rev. Adan Mairena

Rev. Adan Mairena is the pastor of West Kensington Ministry and a Baker Industries Board member. We’re neighbors in north Philadelphia and share a commitment to serving the Kensington community. Adan was introduced to Baker through a fellow board member. He immediately recognized the synergy of working together. Having referred individuals from WKM to our…

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40 years of great teamwork at Baker Industries!

Dan Porter, Baker’s head of sales & marketing and Ted Fleischer, who manages our facilities and customer quote process share an ongoing challenge. They must find new customers and work that match Baker’s strengths, makes economic sense and builds sustainable partnerships. It’s not easy! The process begins with Dan contacting potential clients, responding to inquiries…

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40 years of having Fun at Baker! Happy Halloween

We work hard at Baker Industries. But we try to find time for fun as well. Whether featuring Treats like ice cream and cookies, or Tricks like crazy hats and costumes, we love to create opportunities for community and teambuilding. Building friendships and sharing laughter is part of a great workplace culture at Baker. HAPPY…

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